Upcoming Events

April 6: Stop Fossile Subsidies, road block on the A12 in Den Haag

We again are joining XR in demanding the Dutch government to stop fossil subsidies. Politicians are not taking action, so pressure must be applied. 2023 is the warmest year ever recorded and The Hague is throwing oil on the fire. It’s time for climate justice.

When: Saturday, April 6 , 12:00
Where: Den Haag near Central Station

April 9: SR Online introduction meeting

Would you like to join, or know more about Scientist Rebellion NL? In this intro meeting, we will talk about why the group was set up, what we are currently doing, and how to get involved in upcoming events.

When? Tuesday, April 9, 20:00-21:00
Where? Online, sign up here

April 12: Tata Steel Kooks 1 and 2 action

Tata steel emits 8% of all the GHG in The Netherlands: the largest emitter in the country. In addition, 150,000 people live under Tata’s toxic smoke. RIVM and GGD both conclude there is a link between the (up to 51%) higher incidence of lung cancer and other diseases in the area, and the toxic emissions from Tata Steel. Tata’s plans to reduce the pollution are inadequate and therefore unacceptable. Thus, we join Kappen met Kolen and XR to demand closing the most unhealthy and polluting parts of Tata.

When: Friday, April 12 , 13:00
Where: Haarlem

April 26: Forfarmers action

On April 26, we let ForFarmers know that their business practices are catastrophic for the environment. We will leave from Lochem station in a long colorful procession to the ForFarmers office to hand them our demands, including no use of soy and palm oil, no greenwashing and supporting farmers to work nature-inclusive.

When: Friday, April 26 , 13:00
Where: Haarlem

April 29: Tipping Points – Stille wateren

In part two of the Tipping Points series , René van Westen explains why the Gulf Stream is so important to the Netherlands in particular, what factors are tilting this ecosystem and whether it could still cause a new ice age in our lifetime. Fortunately, there are also social tipping points. Laura Burgers will talk about what the global climate justice movement has been up to in recent years. From court-enforced course changes by oil giants and governments to rights for nature and the criminalization of ecocide, an exponentially growing group of lawyers is increasing, case by case, our chances for a livable future. (Language: Dutch)

When: Monday, April 29, 20:00

Where: Pakhuis de Zwijger

May 31: Climate March Amsterdam Zuidas

The crisis is now. The climate and nature crisis threatens everything we hold dear. Drought, heatwaves, and floods are causing victims, chaos, and destruction right now. People have to flee, and our future is at stake. But what are large companies doing? They continue to finance and facilitate new devastating projects that exploit people and the environment. A livable world is slipping through our fingers. And those who are least responsible for it suffer the most.

That’s why on Friday, May 31, at 2:00 PM, we will join the Climate March transforming the Amsterdam Zuidas into the center of change. The Zuidas is the symbol of the power of large polluting companies; this is where the billion-dollar profits are made at the expense of people, nature, and the climate. Here, shareholders are prioritized over the wellbeing of people and the Earth. Here, powerful companies determine the future from their shiny skyscrapers. That Friday, we will make a change. Join us!

When: Friday, May 31, 14:00
Where: Amsterdam Zuidas