Upcoming Events

May 31: Climate March Amsterdam Zuidas

The crisis is now. The climate and nature crisis threatens everything we hold dear. Drought, heatwaves, and floods are causing victims, chaos, and destruction right now. People have to flee, and our future is at stake. But what are large companies doing? They continue to finance and facilitate new devastating projects that exploit people and the environment. A livable world is slipping through our fingers. And those who are least responsible for it suffer the most.

That’s why on Friday, May 31, at 2:00 PM, we will join the Climate March transforming the Amsterdam Zuidas into the center of change. The Zuidas is the symbol of the power of large polluting companies; this is where the billion-dollar profits are made at the expense of people, nature, and the climate. Here, shareholders are prioritized over the wellbeing of people and the Earth. Here, powerful companies determine the future from their shiny skyscrapers. That Friday, we will make a change. Join us!

When: Friday, May 31, 14:00
Where: Amsterdam Zuidas

June 4: Scientist Rebellion Introduction Meeting

Would you like to join, or know more about Scientist Rebellion NL? In this intro meeting, we will talk about why the group was set up, what we are currently doing, and how to get involved in upcoming events.

When? Tuesday June 4th, 20.00
Where? Online, sign up here