Upcoming Events

September 27: Online introduction meeting

📌 Where? Online, sign up here to get the zoom link
🕑 When? Tuesday 27 September 20:00-20:30

Do you want to know more about Scientist Rebellion? In this intro meeting, we’ll talk about why the group was set up, what we’re currently doing, how you can get involved and upcoming events.

September 28: Demonstration against gas drilling under the Wadden Sea

📌 Where? Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK ministry), The Hague (Bezuidenhoutseweg 73)
⏰ When? Wednesday 28 September 16:00-17:30

The Dutch government is currently in the final stages of deciding whether to grant a permit for gas extraction from under the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and numerous protected native and migratory bird species depend on its intertidal flats that could be endangered by the combination of sea level rise with subsidence due to gas extraction.

Our friends at Scientists4Future just released a letter supported by marine scientists, Wadden Sea experts, and hundreds of other academics, to call the government to heed the concerns already voiced by the IUCN and not go ahead with the permit. To bring additional attention to the decision now being made, Scientist Rebellion is organizing a demonstration in front of the ministries in charge of this permit on Wednesday 28th September at 4pm. Everyone is welcome, a more detailed program will follow later this week.

This letter and demonstration come after a previous letter we wrote with Scientists4Future, to protest the granting of new gas permits in the North Sea. Such permits for new gas extraction infrastructure will not help alleviate the energy crisis this winter, and in the longer term they are in total contradiction with the need to cut our dependence on gas. If we are ready to drill for gas under the Wadden Sea, where will we stop?

Scientists letter delivery and demonstration to protest the granting of new gas permits

October 2: Action training

📌 Where? Frederik Hendrikstraat 111c Amsterdam
🕑 When? Saturday, October 2, 15:00 – 19:00

In this Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) training, you will learn about why and how we are using civil disobedience, the legal context in the Netherlands, and get to experience how it feels to be a part of such actions. You’re welcome to join the training regardless of whether you see yourself taking part in civil disobedience actions in the future.

Please sign up for the training with this form so the trainers knows how many people to expect

Civil disobedience action during the April global Scientist Rebellion

More events and actions to be announced soon!