Past Actions and Events

Global Scientist Rebellion

From the 4th to the 9th of April, hundreds of scientists worldwide took part to protests, strikes and civil disobedience to demand emergency action on the climate crisis. You can find the press releases for actions that took place in the Netherlands here [ENG] and here [NL].

Scientists climate march

On the 6th April, we walked through the Hague with 50 scientists during the first scientists climate march in the Netherlands. We went to the ministries of finance, foreign affairs, and economic affairs and climate policy, where 3 speakers gave speeches on different aspects of the climate crisis. We believe that scientists, who have been warning for years of the climate and ecological crisis, need to be a more visible part of the climate movement to highlight the emergency.

Scientists climate march in the Hague, 6th April 2022

Civil disobedience action

Scientists have provided the world with crucial information about the climate and ecological crisis for over three decades, yet greenhouse gases continue to rise. Conventional forms of influencing policymakers have failed. This is why Scientist Rebellion argues for a change in tactics, urging scientists to use their privileged position in society and join social movements engaging in nonviolent direct action.

On the 6th April, a group of scientists blocked the entrance of the ministry of economic affairs and climate policies to demand emergency action on the climate crisis. 7 of them got arrested.

Civil disobedience action at the ministry for economic affairs and climate policies on 6th April 2022. Photo credits Jasmijn Doorgeest

Outreach action: Science in the streets

The Scientist Rebellion week in the Netherlands closed with an outreach action in Amsterdam. Scientists wrote quotes and draw graphs from IPCC reports on a large canvas, while others discussed the climate crisis with passerbys stopping to look at the canvas.

Outreach action in Amsterdam 9th April 2022

Mobilization and Strategy Day

The global scientist rebellion was a big success, with hundreds of scientists taking part in protests, strikes, and civil disobedience around the world. What’s next?

On the 30th April, we organized a mobilization and strategy day in Amsterdam, which included a short introduction to Scientist Rebellion, collaborative workshops on our strategy and upcoming actions, and lots of energy for the coming months!

Introduction to Scientist Rebellion and action training

When joining a civil disobedience action, it is really important to know what your rights are, and what you can expect to happen during and after the action. On Sunday 15th May, we organized an action training to get more scientists ready for taking civil disobedience action. Would you like to join the next training? Follow our socials or get in touch with us to make sure you know when it takes place.

Scientist Rebellion supports the XR Rebellion against the fossil fuel industry

End fossil fuels before they end us!

From the 19th-24th May, Scientist Rebellion joined a number of XR events and actions against the fossil fuel industry and fossil fuel subsidies. We marched through Rotterdam with hundreds of people, organized a workshop on science and activism as part of the community program, and joined the final disruptive action in front of the Shell buidling, where 2 scientists got arrested.

We have no time to lose and believe scientists need to join the forefront of the climate movement, support and engage in protests and civil disobedience to demand emergency action on the climate and ecological crisis.

Scientist Rebellion at the legal march, the community program, and the disruptive action organized by XR from the 19th-24th May in Rotterdam

Scientists letter against new gas drilling in the North Sea

On June 1st, the Economic affairs and climate policy ministry announced the granting of a permit for a new gas field in the North Sea, just north of Schiermonnikoog. This comes only a few months after the release of the latest IPCC report, which showed it is essential that we take urgent action on the climate crisis and stop investing in new fossil infrastructure.
In response, more than 400 scientists signed an open letter to the Dutch government to protest this new permit, warning that continued investment in new gas infrastructure will lock in additional decades of greenhouse gas emissions, in complete contradiction with ambitions to keep global warming below 1.5°C. This echoes a series of recent warnings against considering gas as a more “climate-friendly” fossil fuel.
The letter was a joined initiative from Scientist Rebellion and Scientists4Future. We delivered it to MPs at the Tweede Kamer Wednesday 15th June.

Link to the letter and full list of signatories

Science block at the climate march, 19th June

On June 19th, more than 10000 people walked through Rotterdam to demand that the government stops supporting the fossil industry, and urgently invests in fair climate policies. Scientists4Future and Scientist Rebellion walked together in the Science Block to show that scientists are also very worried about the lack of emergency action on the climate crisis. The Science Block was a big success, with more than 50 scientists and academics joining from universities and institutes all over the Netherlands!