We are a group of scientists, scholars, and academics. In actions, we identify ourselves by wearing lab coats. We ask people to only wear lab coats and give interviews on behalf of Scientist Rebellion if they are (1) university/hogeschool/research institute staff, including PhD students, that are active in research or (2) hold a PhD and currently work as scientists and / or identify as scientists / scholars.

Scientist Rebellion is organized into different working groups:

Scientist Rebellion groups at different research institutes across the Netherlands.
  • The Universities group, which discusses campaigns and actions that could be replicated at universities across the Netherlands.
  • The Research group, which seeks to draw on the social science and humanities literature to address practical and strategic questions, such as assessing the efficacy of forms of direct action or diagnosing barriers to involvement.
  • The Mobilization and Integration group, which integrates new members, organizes introduction meetings, nonviolent direct action trainings, and more broadly thinks about how to get more scientists and academics involved.
  • The Well-being group, which organizes regenerative events and social gatherings for the community to come together and have fun.
  • The Media group, which takes care of social media, press releases, and spokespersons.
  • The Campaign group, which brainstorms about new campaigns and actions and feeds ideas back into specific action groups.
  • The Coordination group, which coordinates the various working groups and meets biweekly to discuss progress and issues that came up, as well as make bigger strategic decisions.

You are very welcome to join and contribute to these working groups! We also have a number of local Scientist Rebellion groups at universities across the Netherlands, as indicated on the right figure. When you join Scientist Rebellion, you will be put in touch with the relevant local group, if applicable.


Scientist Rebellion has coordinated actions by over 1000 scientists in 27 countries in the past. But we need more — much more. You can help us spread the word and mobilize the Dutch academic community by:

(1) Sending this email to your network / email lists you are on.
(2) Printing and distributing this flyer (in A5 or A4) at your university / scientific events.
(3) Inviting us to speak at an event you are organizing.

We need change now. We need you. Let’s do this!